Our Earth Is Hurting By Excessive Pollution.

Is your yard contributing to this destruction? If so we will help reverse that.

Read a few of our methods below, which ensure “greener” yards.

Seeding & Planting - Rather than spreading grass seed and soaking it in fertilizer, we prefer to aerate the soil and ‘slice’ the seed into the ground. Even though a little more time consuming our method has better results, (better germination rates) and is by far less wasteful.

cute little frogFertilizing Right - The method of fertilization used is extremely crucial to the well-being of the environment. Correct amounts, as well as correct types of fertilizer are the two factors to consider. Excess quantities of used fertilizer can be drained into the surrounding ecosystem and create devastating site-effects. Also super soluble fertilizers, such as urea and ammonium nitrate, penetrate the soil quicker and increase its acidity, causing plants to have shorter life. Applying a slow-releasing nitrogen fertilizer, two or three times during the autumn, is the method we use.

Recycle By Composting - Why throw your yard trash away, when you can recycle it and produce your own compost pile right in your backyard? That’s right; we can teach you how to transform your waste into useful fertilizing material and prevent the addition of more waste to our planet.

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